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MOS Pack Review by Case Forever

You have three gadgets, but there’s only one outlet. It’s a common problem, and one the MOS Pack ($149.95) aims to solve. The MOS Pack was a big hit on Kickstarter, thanks to its good-looking design and its idea of centrally charging all of your gadgets while they sit in your backpack. But let me make it clear: This is not a power bag, which typically has a battery inside the bag to charge your gadgets on the go. Rather, the MOS Pack has a power strip in the bottom so that you can charge your gadgets from the wall without taking them out of the bag. It’s a good idea that doesn’t translate as well as you’d expect to real-world application.

Is this product is nice to buy? We will find out soon.

There are a lot of sub-pockets here. On the outside face, there’s a long horizontal pocket and a vertical one with five pen loops. There’s a waterproof water bottle/umbrella pocket on the side that expands into a pouch inside the backpack. Inside, there’s a padded glasses pocket; a zippable passport pocket; an internal smartphone pocket; a battery pocket; a bunch more pen loops; a 10-inch tablet sleeve; a 15-inch laptop sleeve; four cable clips; and a sort of fabric cable tube that goes down from the laptop sleeve to the bottom of the bag. A fabric carrying loop at the top is the finishing touch.

This product best offer :

Rugged construction. Optional waterproof hood. Lots of dedicated pockets.

This product most turned down :

Built-in power strip is less practical than you’d expect. Battery pocket is too deep.

You can get this MOS Pack for $150.00

Conclusion :

The MOS Pack is a good-looking backpack with lots of dedicated pockets and a built-in power strip, but its central charging concept is a little awkward.


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